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Membership Registration is Finally Open!

The Gifted Horse and Homestead Ranch School  Membership

The Gifted Horse and Homestead Ranch School memberships are a way to expand recreational and educational activities within Los Alamos County. We operate at participating host sites in and around the North Mesa Stables, including The Gifted Horse and the historic Lujan and Grant Homestead Cabins. Memberships help to maintain and grow services, while giving members access to special events and activities. Registration is now open for the months of March, April, May and June, 2023. Barn access is offered for three groups each day, anytime from 5am-9am, 10am-2pm, and 3pm-7pm, seven days a week, with sign up. During Summer Camp months, June, July and August, barn access is scheduled in two shifts, 4-8am and 5-9pm. Stable rules must be followed at all times. 

Membership Benefits Include:

Facility access, 6-12 member limit per activity, during operating hours, with calendar sign ups

Access to member communications

Advance notice of special events and general program offers

Free or reduced rate for special classes, events or activities 


Basic Care $125.00 per month

This membership includes facility access and animal care training for people who want to pet and feed our horses, sheep and goats. Petting and feeding animals at the stables is otherwise prohibited, without permission of the owner. We will teach you North Mesa Stables etiquette and how to feed and interact with the animals at our host sites, during scheduled activity times.

Homestead Ranch School $525.00 per month

This membership offers the benefits of Basic Care, with additional educational and recreational opportunities. Activities can include horsemanship, goat showmanship, ground work, riding lessons, fiber arts and more, as instructor availability and weather allows. Most of our recreational opportunities are offered as a benefit of being on site during a regular care schedule. Otherwise, notifications for advanced scheduled activities will go out in our membership communications. This membership is priced the same as one week of Summer Ranch Camp for an individual, but available for an entire month for up to six family members! Summer Ranch Camp is a daytime, drop-off program. Homestead Ranch School is a family activity program. Members under 16 must be accompanied by a family member or approved caregiver over 16, until our leadership team has been fully developed. Please contact us if you are interested in joining our leadership team. Membership fees are waived for team leaders and instructors. Thank you!

Please visit  to join by credit card or PayPal, or mail this completed form and a check to Lemonade Living, 149 Central Park Square, Los Alamos, NM 87544. You can also drop it in the mail slot at Rose Chocolatier. Registration packets must be completed and turned in on orientation day, prior to membership start date. Orientations will be held on the third Sunday of each month from 2-4pm.

Registration packets will be updated and available soon!

Thank you!


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