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Inclusive Community Initiative

Building inclusive spaces and programs for all individuals to gather and play together. Bringing everyone together vs. creating special spaces for some.

Re-market events and activities, ensuring they're not only accessible, but also inviting to all who would like to participate in whatever ways we can accommodate: providing noise-cancelling headphones at park concerts, making space available for those with mobility aides to access public spaces safely and efficiently while also being included with their peers, sensory-friendly break spaces, proper communicative measures being taken, welcoming all cognitive abilities to activities that stretch beyond their biological age (e.g., adults with cognitive developmental delays being welcomed to participate in a children's craft activity because that's what they would enjoy, etc.).

sensory friendly events that will cater to those with additional needs, but be open to all.

egg hunt - photos with Santa - Halloween events 

Special Needs Family Support Group through FSN

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